From pip

If you have pip installed you can run:

$ pip install quepy

then Checking the installation

From source code

Download the GIT repository from Github running:

$ git clone

run the install script doing:

$ cd quepy
$ sudo python install

and then Checking the installation

Checking the installation

To check if quepy was successfully installed run:

$ quepy --version

and you should obtain the version number.

Set up the POS tagger

After that you need to download the backend’s POS tagger. It’s ok if you don’t know what that is, it’s safe to treat it like a black box. Quepy uses nltk.

To set up quepy to be able to use nltk type:

$ quepy nltkdata /some/path/you/find/convenient

Also, every time you start a new app or use one, like the dbpedia example, you should configure to point to the path you chose.